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Wallcoverings are a flexible sheet of sized vinyl, paper, fabric, plastic, etc., usually laminated printed with a repeat pattern, for pasting on a wall as decoration and protection. Choose from an array of wallcovering options, fit for all applications. Wallcoverings are durable and can enhance your business or office environment. We can offer a variety of wallcovering options from elegant to casual or simple to sophisticated. Contact Lehn Painting today to discuss your wallcovering installation needs.

Lehn Painting is an expert of wallcovering installation with over 20 years of delivering successful wallcovering solutions. Our highly skilled wallcovering installers with some of the most experience in the industry.  They understand the different types of wallcovering substrates and materials and which method should be used for application. Whether a patterned wallcovering, large scale image or ambience, our wallhanging experts will work with you to determine the right product for your application.

Wallcovering Installation Process

  • Prepare the walls
    • Remove any wall imperfections
    • Repair any uneven surfaces
    • Ensure wall integrity
  • Wall covering adhesive or paint adhesive depending on the application
  • Application of wall covering material
    • Ensure integrity of pattern or imagery in wallcovering
    • Ensure no bubbling
  • Clean and final presentation

Different Types of Wallcovering

  • Vinyl Wallcovering
  • Grasscloth
  • Walltalkers – A dry erase wallcovering
  • Wood Veneer – wood wallcoverings
  • Cork Wallcovering
  • Digital Wallcovering
  • Sound absorption or sound proofing wall coverings

Benefits of Wallcovering

  • Wallcoverings can extend the colors or equities of a brand or business, making for a more engaging work environment.
  • Wallcovering provide interesting patterns, textures, imagery and designs instead of a flat colored surface.
  • Wallcovering  are more durable than standard painted walls.
  • Wall coverings will protect the walls of highly trafficked areas, mitigating the possibility of nicks and scratches.
  • There are many different color, pattern, design choices expanding the possibilities for your environments.
  • Wall coverings can create a high end sophisticated look for your business, transforming your space.
  • Extends the life of walls and provides durability.
  • Minimizes the maintenance and repair to walls.
  • They are easy to clean – some wall coverings will repel liquid and make for easy cleanup of stains and debris.

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