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Vapor Blasting Cincinnati

Vapor Blasting Cincinnati

Cincinnati Vapor Blasting and Wet Blasting

Lehn Painting has been providing blasting services to Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and beyond for over a decade. Our wet blasting specialists know the appropriate application for your surface and start by examining your surface to determine the correct blasting approach to produce an optimal finish.

Vapor Blasting – A safe and effective method of surface renewal

Vapor Blasting Cincinnati
Vapor blasting, also known as wet blasting or liquid honing, is an a popular method of surface preparation and surface rehabilitation. Blasting delivers the highest quality finish to your surface, meeting the requirements of most applications requiring strict finish protocol. Vapor blasting delivers a stream of water borne abrasive that flushes the surface to create the cleanest surface possible without ruining the integrity of the surface. Vapor blasting is careful not to impregnate your surface with any media and is a dust free process due to the use of water.

Benefits of Blasting

  • Fairly clean, dust-free process
  • Water is used to clean the surface, removing the possibility of degenerative impact
  • Removes grease and particulate
  • Cleans the surface
  • Promotes a longer life for the surface
  • Creates an illuminated softer finish
  • Avoids disruption of soft surfaces
Vapor Blasting Cincinnati

Vapor Blasting Cincinnati

Typical Blasting Applications

  • Degreasing of surfaces to renew and possibly prepare for coating
  • Cleaning of dies & moulds
  • Removal of paint, rust, scale, carbon & similar deposits in engineering industries
  • Surface preparation prior to bonding, re-painting or re-coating
  • Satin finishing of stainless steels, industrial equipment and other materials

Serving Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and beyond

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