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Stranlok Coatings

Lehn Painting has been delivering Stranlok Coating solutions to many industries in the Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana regions for over a decade. Our team of Stranlok specialists can visit your site to determine the approach to preparing, coating and finishing your surface.

Stranlok wall coating is a high-performance, fiberglass-reinforced wall coating for protection against acids, alkalis and physical abuse. Stranlok’s 100% solids epoxy technology is solventless and VOC compliant, making Stranlok virtually odorless and permitting application in occupied facilities.

It’s accelerated curing schedule and installation process gives Stranlok faster return-to-service times. A unique blend of two types of premixed reinforcing fibers allows Stranlok to be spray or trowel applied up to 40 mils. The integrity of the interlocking fibers allows the surface to withstand daily high-pressure steam cleaning. In addition to this high tolerance to “thermal shock,” Stranlok also features broad chemical, impact and abrasion resistance. We have had great success with Stranlok in various industries but it has proven to be an excellent coating for food grade facilities.

Benefits of Stranlok Wall Coating

  • A high-performance, reinforced wall coating protecting against acids, alkalis and physical abuse
  • Broad chemical, impact and abrasion resistant
  • Solventless and VOC compliant
  • Can be applied in facilities that are occupied since the product is odorless
  • Dries quickly to allow businesses to have little down time
  • Can be sprayed or trowel applied up to 40 mils
  • Can withstand high pressure steam cleaning

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