We are an experienced industrial mobile sandblasting contractor with over 20 years of experience in sandblasting services.

We utilize advanced technologies with a variety of blast media, including sand, garnet, col slag, and walnut shell to provide the right solution for every application.

We provide superior workmanship for jobs of all sizes, from small sandblasting jobs to large-scale projects for companies in the tri-state area of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Leader in Sandblasting Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana

Sandblasting is a highly specialized and demanding service that requires training and expertise for proper execution.

Experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment to provide reliable service.

We provide onsite and offsite sandblasting services for commercial sandblasting and industrial sandblasting projects of all types and sizes.

Wet sandblasting

Utilizes water to remove paint, texture coatings, or old stucco, from a surface. Silica sand is a commonly used material, but any small, relatively uniform particles will work.

 No matter the scale, height, or environment, Lehn Painting can deliver sandblasting solutions that exceed your expectations.

Architectural Sandblasting

 to enhance the look of a surface or when the original look of a surface is desired. Architectural sandblasting can be used to remove old paint from brick or to clean concrete or stone.

Architectural sandblasting can also be used on a range of wood projects in homes or commercial sites.

Industrial tank sandblasting and much more. We provide a wide variety of on-site and off-site services from our highly trained and experienced employees, all of whom are fully trained to have vast experience across all sandblasting applications.

We are continually upgrading our knowledge with

New application processes and safety procedures to provide quality service for every project.