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Lead Paint Removal

Lead-based paint is a health hazard to children and adults because the dust chips and fumes can be ingested or inhaled. In 1978, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission limited the amount of lead allowed in paint. Any surface painted before that year has the potential to be a lead hazard. Lehn Painting can test your property for the presence of lead based paints. If you have lead-based paint, you have several options for removal. Lehn Painting is certified in lead paint removal and has a professionally trained staff who removes lead paint safely, determining the best abatement strategy.

Lead Paint Removal Options

Encapsulation. Typically the least complicated and most affordable method, encapsulation involves brushing or rolling on a specially made paint-like coating. Encapsulants are materials that are applied over lead-based paint to seal the paint to a surface and prevent the release of paint chips or dust in your home or business environment. The material may be either a liquid or an adhesive. Encapsulation provides a barrier between the paint and the environment.

Enclosure. With this method, the old surface is covered with a new one, such as putting up new drywall or covering windowsills with aluminum or vinyl cladding.

Removal. We use a variety of approaches to remove lead-based paints, such as wire brushing or scraping with liquid paint removers. Our lead removal specialists use wet sand surfaces, using the latest technologies including, electric sanders equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtered vacuum, among others.

Replacement. Lead removal and replacement involves removing all structures that are contaminated with lead based coatings and installing new windows, doors, woodwork, and other surfaces as necessary.

Lead Abatement Services

  • Lead Removal
  • Lead Abatement services
  • Lead based paint removal
  • Interior and exterior lead stabilization
  • Lead paint rehab

A Leader in Lead Paint Removal Services

Lehn Painting takes pride in our outstanding of lead paint removal services and our extensive lead abatement experience. This allows us to offer the most wide-ranging lead abatement options to meet your home’s or business’ needs. Lehn Painting has been offering industry-leading lead paint removal services in the Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana area for over 20 years. Give us a call to receive a free consultation with one of our lead paint removal specialists.

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